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Studying for IELTS Writing alone can feel like attempting a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with no instructions (and about 10 missing pieces!). IELTS writing doesn’t need to be difficult though. In fact, with the right guidance, it can be quick, relatively painless, and maybe even a little bit fun!

Our IELTS writing packages contain EVERYTHING you need to get a high score in one place. Every grammar point, every academic skill, and every important piece of advice that only former examiners can give. You can then focus on what's important - reaching your desired IELTS band score and moving forward in your life.

  • Access to our full 42-hour writing video library

    Why do our students have such a high success rate in IELTS writing? It is simply because of the quality of our interactive video lessons. Every writing package now includes access to all four of our IELTS writing courses.

  • Hundreds of practice activities

    The video lessons are just the start of your learning journey. The key to real change is completing the practice activities that accompany each class to reinforce and extend your skills. Plus, NEW interactive versions are now available alongside the original downloadable PDFs.

  • Band 9.0 model answers

    Inside the practice activities, you have access to all of our model Band 9.0 essays, letters, and reports. Written by our writing experts, there are 150 scripts covering every possible question type for both Academic and General Training.

  • 14 Guided Practice Lessons

    Ever wonder what it would be like to write an essay, letter or report alongside a Cambridge-trained teacher in real-time? Well, that is what you will do in our guided practice lessons. This is the place you will learn the real tips and tricks that ensure you satisfy the band descriptors.

  • A dedicated IELTS Grammar Course

    Maybe you don’t love grammar now, but I bet you will by the end of our 22-lesson B2/C1 level course! We cover all the complex sentence structures that examiners look for when giving students a Band 7.0+ for Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

  • Unlimited email support during your subscription

    Got a question? That’s OK! It is natural to have your own doubts or concerns as you progress through the course. That’s why we have a comment section at the end of each lesson and our inbox is always open. We always answer

  • Community Facebook Group

    Lifetime access to my secret Facebook group, where you can ask questions and find support from other students.

  • Access to FREE Live Lessons

    Join our daily live group lessons to learn key skills for speaking, reading, and listening from one of our expert teachers. Enjoy access during your subscription for NO EXTRA COST!

Our four IELTS video courses

Our writing video courses are the main reason why we were recently named the Number One online IELTS preparation site. Trust me, you won’t find lessons like this anywhere else. They are interactive, imaginative, and, most importantly, effective, with thousands of our former students achieving a 7.0+ after completing the courses.

Want to know why they are so popular? Then try the first three lessons in each course today for free!

Which package is for me?

We offer three IELTS Writing Packages. Each one allows you access to our entire video library so you can benefit from the world’s best IELTS writing lessons, but Silver and Gold also add marking to your package to get personal feedback on your writing. Working independently is great, but working as a team is much better!

Want to learn powerful techniques for the writing test? Our Bronze Writing package is for you!

Access to our entire video library for 31 days means you learn everything you could possibly need to know about IELTS writing. It doesn’t matter if you are totally new to IELTS or have been stuck at a 6.0 or 6.5 for a long time, our four writing courses contain everything you need to achieve a 7.0 or higher.

This is the most popular My IELTS Classroom package.

What's included?

  • Access to our full 42-hour writing video library
  • Hundreds of practice activities
  • Band 9.0 model answers
  • 14 guided practice lessons
  • A dedicated IELTS grammar course

  • Unlimited email support during your subscription
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Access to FREE Live Lessons

Our Bronze Writing Package

£34.99 per month

Save £44.97 per month

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Want to add some one-to-one expert guidance to your Writing package? Our Silver Writing package is the one!

Are you stuck at a 6.5, or simply want to make sure you get the highest score possible? Then add marking to your writing package so we can help you to pinpoint and improve your personal problem areas.

What's included?

  • Absolutely everything in our Bronze Writing package!
  • Two Marked Essays

    Let us mark two essay questions throughout your course to check that you are on-track for your target score. Our writing expert will correct and explain every error, highlight what you did well, and rewrite your essay to make it a Band 7.0 (or higher if needed). More importantly, they will give you a clear advice based on the band descriptors about how to improve further.

  • Two Marked Letters or Reports

    Most IELTS courses forget about Task One. We know that you can only reach the highest scores by performing equally as well in both parts of the writing test. Our experts will check either two letters or two reports during the course, again correcting and explaining every error, giving feedback from the band descriptors, and rewriting to show you what is needed for a higher score.

  • Free First Assessment & Personal Study Plan

    Every IELTS student is different. Before you start your course, one of our writing experts will analyse one of your essays to find your current level and then create a personalised study plan just for you. This means, you will know your strengths and weaknesses from the start of the course and exactly where to focus the most effort.

Our Silver Writing package

£89.99 per month

Save £59.97 per month

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Includes 3 months of full access to all video courses

Want the absolute most personal support to take your writing to the highest level? See our Gold Writing package!

Have you been stuck at a 6.5 for a long time, or need the expert help to reach the highest possible scores (7.5+)? Then, our Gold Writing Package offers the highest amount of personal support possible as you work towards your target IELTS writing score. With personal feedback for every type of IELTS writing question and a face-to-face lesson with one of our experts, this is the package for any student who is really serious about improving their writing.

What's included?

  • Absolutely everything in our Bronze Writing Package!
  • Five Marked Essays (with live feedback)

    Now, you will receive detailed feedback for five of your essays, including one 45-minute live session with one of our experts on Zoom or Skype. Honestly, we think that this is the perfect amount of marking to see real progress as we now have the chance to look at all the most common types of essay questions.

  • Three Marked Letters or Reports

    At My IELTS Classroom, we say “5 + 3 = Success!” as 3 really is the magic number for Task One marking. If you are a General Training student, marking 3 letters allows us to assess a formal, informal, and semi-formal letter. If you are an Academic student, it allows us to assess a change chart, a compare chart, and a map / process.

  • A Free First Assessment of your level with one of our experts on Zoom or Skype

    Before you start your course, one of our writing experts will analyse an essay with you on Zoom or Skype to find out your current strengths and weaknesses. That way, you will know exactly where to focus your effort most in the course. Plus, we will have a chance to chat and find out more about your IELTS journey so far.

Our Gold Writing package

£149.99 Per three months

Save £76.63 Per three months

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Want everything?! Access it all with our Platinum Everything package!

Our Platinum Package offers everything in our Gold Writing, Speaking, and Silver Reading and Listening Packages, plus more marking, and more one-to-one lessons. If you are looking for the ultimate level of support from our team of experts at every step of your IELTS journey, then this is the package for you.

The Platinum everything Package is perfect for any student who needs to improve by a full band in every area, or who wants to invest as much time and effort as possible into maximising their scores.

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