Picking that package!

Whatever your IELTS needs, we have a package for you! Our 11 packages are designed to offer the perfect course for any IELTS student. Whether you are just starting your preparation and need help in all four areas, or if you have taken the test multiple times and need help in just one, we’ve got a package for you. On this page, we explain how our Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages work and how you can choose the best My IELTS Classroom course for you.

Our most popular package? Our Bronze Writing package! If you’re going to study just one course, this is it!

Our Bronze Writing Package provides high-quality training for all four parts of the IELTS test. For writing, you will have access to our entire IELTS video library, which takes you step-by-step through every aspect of essays, letters, and reports. Plus, for reading, speaking and listening, you can attend our live group classes.

That means for just £34.99, you can study every part of the IELTS test in one place! If you are starting IELTS and want help in all areas, or if you struggle in writing alone, this is the package for you.

What's included?

  • Access to our full 42-hour writing video library
  • Hundreds of practice activities
  • Band 9.0 model answers
  • 14 Guided Practice Lessons
  • A dedicated IELTS Grammar Course

  • Unlimited email support during your subscription
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Access to FREE Live Lessons

Our Bronze Writing Package

£34.99 per month

Save £44.97 per month

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What are Bronze, Silver and Gold?

We have three types of packages - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each one contains the highest level of teaching and can help you to reach your target score. The only difference is the level of personal support you will receive as you study. Trust me, everyone is a winner in My IELTS Classroom.

  • Want to learn the language and academic skills needed to gain a high score?

    Our Bronze packages contain all of the main teaching materials for each module. Here, you will learn all of the skills, language, and techniques needed to gain a high score either in video lessons (writing / grammar) or an intensive course with one of our expert teachers (reading / listening / speaking).

    In our view, these are by far the most important packages and for many of our students, these are enough to hit their target score.

    We offer our Bronze packages for Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening!

  • Want personal feedback to make sure you are on track to a high score?

    Our Silver Packages are designed to help students target their individual problem areas. They include the same high-level teaching as in the Bronze packages, but you will also get personal help from our IELTS experts. For example, in the Silver Writing Package, we include marking while in the Silver Speaking Package, you will have the chance to spend time individually with an expert teacher.

    These packages are ideal for students who want to trouble-shoot specific problem areas and particularly useful for those who need a 7.0+ or higher.

    We offer our Silver packages for Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening!

  • Want what we think is the perfect amount of personal support to reach a 7.0?

    Our Gold Packages are designed to offer the highest-level of support in one area. We spent a long time considering exactly how much personal help a student would need to improve by at least 0.5 in each area. We are 100% confident that these packages provide the perfect amount of support.

    If you are stuck at a 6.5 in writing or speaking, then our Gold Packages are perfect for you. We can work through every part of the test together to perfect your skills and techniques. Similarly, if you need to improve your scores quickly, then these are the right choice.

    We offer our Gold packages for Writing and Speaking!

Choose your package

So, now you've had a think about how much support you need to reach your dream IELTS score... Whether that's Bronze, Silver or Gold, it's time to choose the area you want to focus on below and kickstart your IELTS journey!

Looking for something else?

If you don’t need a whole package, and are just looking to solve a specific IELTS problem, then that’s easy! We offer our tailored expert services as standalone options too.

Want everything?! Access it all with our Platinum Everything package!

Our Platinum Package offers everything in our Gold Writing, Speaking, and Silver Reading and Listening Packages, plus more marking, and more one-to-one lessons. If you are looking for the ultimate level of support from our team of experts at every step of your IELTS journey, then this is the package for you.

The Platinum everything Package is perfect for any student who needs to improve by a full band in every area, or who wants to invest as much time and effort as possible into maximising their scores.

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