Our IELTS Speaking packages

What does it take to get a high score in the IELTS speaking exam? Good pronunciation? A wide range of topic-specific lexis? The ability to answer tricky questions about abstract topics? The answer is it takes all of this and a lot, lot more!

Our IELTS speaking packages teach you all the skills, techniques, and language you need to satisfy the IELTS band descriptors. That means no matter what your target score, we have a package that is perfect for you.

Our intensive IELTS Speaking course

We designed our intensive speaking course to help you avoid the common mistakes made by even strong speaker and to satisfy the all four band descriptors.

Our aim is to build your skills by focussing on the specific techniques and language you need to show in each part of the test to get a high score. Plus, as every class is fully interactive, you will naturally build your fluency as you work through the lessons with our expert.

  • Learn from a genuine IELTS speaking expert

    All our teachers are native speakers, hold a CELTA certificate, and have over 5 years' experience helping students achieve their target scores. In other words, you can trust that all of the advice our teachers give is 100% accurate.

  • Every part of the Speaking Exam covered

    The course covers all three parts of the IELTS test in immense detail so you will learn everything from adding complexity to your answers in Part 1 to tackling the abstract questions in Part 3!

  • 5 x 75 minute classes

    The intensive course takes place over one week in five 75 minute classes (Monday to Friday). That’s over 6 hours of intensive lessons designed specifically to improve your IELTS speaking skills.

  • Small group sizes

    There will never be more than 8 students in each intensive speaking course to ensure that you receive personal guidance and feedback from our expert throughout the course.

  • Practice with genuine IELTS questions

    In every lesson, you will practice with questions that cover the most common IELTS topics (NOT from the Cambridge books), so you can immediately practice your new skills with a new range questions.

  • Daily IELTS speaking homework

    Our teaching doesn’t stop when the lesson ends. Every day you will be asked to complete online practice activities that help you to revise the day’s lesson and improve your skills further.

Our weekly timetable

  • Day one

    Getting off to a good start!

    Today we will focus on the skills needed to impress the examiner in Speaking Part One. We will cover the basics (i.e. how long to speak for, the importance of fluency, etc) before moving on to specific skills like how to vary your response to short questions, use tenses accurately, and use intonation effectively.

  • Day two

    Everything you will ever need to know about IELTS cue cards!

    Don’t be afraid of the IELTS cue card! Today we will show you proven techniques to help you keep talking for two minutes with ease. Plus, we will place special focus on speaking about past events (as these are the most common type of card), and making the most of the one-minute note-taking time.

  • Day three

    The language of cue cards!

    You should already feel confident about tackling Speaking Part 2, so today, our focus turns to language. We will look at the lexis and grammar structures needed to confidently talk about people, objects, and hypothetical events, as well as the importance of paraphrasing.

  • Day four

    Developing Part 3 questions with ease

    Speaking Part 3 is very often the place where students can climb to a 7.0 or fall to a 6.5. Today, we will discuss the basic principles of answering the abstract questions in this section (e.g. avoiding personal examples) and look at how to give opinions and make future predictions.

  • Day five

    Dealing with difficult questions

    In the final lesson, we will arm you with techniques to deal with the most difficult Part 3 questions. Whether you know “the answer” or not, the key to achieving a high score is being able to avoid simplistic stereotypes and to carry on no matter what. That’s what you’ll be learning today!

Which package is for me?

We offer three IELTS Speaking Packages. Each one offers you a seat in our unique 5-day intensive listening course, but our Silver Package also adds mock speaking tests and one-to-one lessons that you can find out your current band scores and focus on personal problem areas.

Want to focus on learning powerful techniques and useful language for each part of the speaking test? Our Bronze Speaking package is for you!

Join our expert in a 5-day intensive course that covers every aspect of the IELTS speaking test. If you are new to IELTS and want to build basic exam techniques, or are looking to improve your current level of language or confidence, then this is the package for you.

What's included?

  • Our 5-day Intensive Speaking Course

    Boost your skills in five 75-minute interactive lessons that cover every aspect of the IELTS speaking test.

  • Downloadable practice materials

    Keep track of your progress by completing the daily homework and downloading our speaking cheatsheets.

  • Community Facebook Group

    Lifetime access to my secret Facebook group, where you can ask questions and find support from other students.

  • Access to FREE Live Lessons

    Join our daily live group lessons to learn key skills for speaking, reading, and listening from one of our expert teachers. Enjoy access during your subscription for NO EXTRA COST!

Our Bronze Speaking package

Want to add some one-to-one expert guidance to your Speaking package? Our Silver Speaking package is the one!

If you are a nervous speaker who wants to build confidence, or a student who needs a very high score (7+), then you may wish to add some mock speaking tests and one-to-one classes to focus on your personal problem areas.

What's included?

  • Absolutely everything in our Bronze Speaking package!
  • Two 30-minute Mock Speaking Tests

    What band scores would you get if you sat the IELTS speaking test today? Find out in two mock speaking tests! Take one at the start of your package so our expert can analyse your current level, and then one at the end to check your progress.

  • One 60-Minute Lesson with a speaking expert

    Spend a full hour working face-to-face with one of our experts to trouble-shoot your main speaking weak spot. We can focus on one part of the test (i.e. Part 3), or target a specific bad descriptor (i.e. fluency), so simply help you to build confidence in your exam technique.

  • 31 days of access to the IELTS Grammar Video Course

    25% of your final speaking score is based on your Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Strengthen your knowledge of the most common B2/C1 sentence structures by working through the 22 lessons in my IELTS grammar course. Plus, these lessons will help you improve your score in all areas.

Our Silver Speaking Package

£89.99 1 month

Save £29.99 1 month

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Want the Ultimate level of personal support possible to take your speaking to the highest level? See our Gold Speaking package!

If speaking is your weakest area, or you need to improve by a full band score or more, then this is the package for you. With more mock tests, and more one-to-one time with our speaking expert, this package ensures that your exam-day performance will be the best it can possibly be.

What's included?

  • Absolutely everything in our Bronze package!
  • Three 30-minute Mock Speaking Tests

    Find out your speaking band scores at the start, middle, and end of the package in three authentic mock tests with a speaking expert, so we can track your progress and be sure you are ready to hit your target score.

  • Three 60-Minute Speaking Lessons with an expert

    Practice your new speaking skills in three one-to-one lessons with one of our expert teachers. We only spend time practicing your problem areas, so whether you have problems with pronunciation or or struggle to maintain fluency, we will target those together.

  • 3 months of access to the IELTS Grammar Video Course

    25% of your final speaking score is based on your Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Strengthen your knowledge of the most common B2/C1 sentence structures by working through the 22 lessons in my IELTS grammar course. Plus, these lessons will help you improve your score in all areas.

Our Gold Speaking package

£149.99 Three Months

Save £44.99 Three Months

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Want everything?! Access it all with our Platinum Everything package!

Our Platinum Package offers everything in our Gold Writing, Speaking, and Silver Reading and Listening Packages, plus more marking, and more one-to-one lessons. If you are looking for the ultimate level of support from our team of experts at every step of your IELTS journey, then this is the package for you.

The Platinum everything Package is perfect for any student who needs to improve by a full band in every area, or who wants to invest as much time and effort as possible into maximising their scores.

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