Intensive IELTS Courses

Every week, we run one IELTS intensive course for students who want to focus on improving their skills in one area: Speaking, Listening and Reading (Academic and General training).

If you are stuck at a 6.5 in one of these areas or just want to make sure you know the most effective skills, language and exam techniques to approach each part of the test, then these are the courses for you!

Every interactive intensive course takes place over one week in five 75 minute classes (Monday to Friday). Find out when the next course starts in the timetable below and click to sign up. These courses are extremely popular so fill up quickly!

  • IELTS Speaking

    Next Course Starts Monday 11 Jan

    First Lesson Starts 16:00 GMT Check your timezone

    With Nick

    More about the course

    Unlock the secrets to all three parts of the IELTS speaking test in our 5-day intensive course. Learn how to vary your answers in Part 1, tackle the cue cards in Part 2, respond well to the abstract questions in Part 3 and much much more! Plus, as every class is fully interactive, you will naturally build your fluency and lexis as you work through the lessons with our speaking expert.

  • IELTS Academic Reading

    Next Course Starts Monday 07 Dec

    First Lesson Starts 12:30 GMT Check your timezone

    With Shelly

    More about the course

    Hate headings? Scared of summaries? Have no clue about MCQ’s? Don’t worry - our 5-day intensive course will take the pain out of IELTS Academic reading. Join our expert teacher as they break down every type of reading question so that you can move away from just skimming and scanning to more powerful academic reading techniques. Plus, learn key time-management skills as you learn to “Read Once, but Read Well”.

  • IELTS General Training Reading

    Next Course Starts Monday 14 Dec

    First Lesson Starts 15:30 GMT Check your timezone

    With Shelly

    More about the course

    The IELTS General Training Reading test is harder than it looks! Yes, the texts in section one and two are short, but they also often contain tricky True, False, Not Given questions that are easy to get wrong! We have built this intensive course to focus specifically on the unique problems facing General Training students who can only afford to answer a few questions incorrectly if they need to get a high score.

  • IELTS Listening

    Next Course Starts Monday 1

    First Lesson Starts 4pm GMT Check your timezone

    With Shelly

    More about the course

    Our 5-day intensive IELTS listening course will teach you how to listen actively, approach every type of question with confidence, and avoid the common tricks that IELTS exam writers use time and again. As every type of question tests a different listening skill, we will focus on one main question type in each lesson to build your skills and understanding of the exam as a whole.

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