Receiving personal feedback for your writing is extremely important, and definitely something that you should think about if you need a very high score (7.0+) However, marking is not, and should never be used as, a teaching tool.

If you are not confident about your basic writing skills, then we strongly recommend that you complete our IELTS Writing Video Course before signing up for marking. The course contains everything you need to achieve a 7.0 or higher and I promise that you will improve much more quickly if you focus on learning first.

However, if you are ready for marking, then our service is definitely the most detailed and effective available. Our writing experts will highlight and clearly explain every error in your essay, letter or report , before rewriting your work so that you can see the changes needed to hit your target score.

Plus, with 100% accurate feedback and no cut and paste comments, this really is a premium service for any student who needs a 7.0 or higher.