Our Listening packages

Hate maps? Live in fear of multiple choice questions? Driven mad by matching? Well, worry no more! Our listening packages will teach you how to approach every type of question while avoiding the common IELTS listening traps. Whether you are new to IELTS or an experienced test-taker targeting the highest scores, we have a listening package that can help.

Our intensive IELTS Listening course

We analysed every listening test in the Cambridge IELTS books to unlock the tricks used by the exam writers. Did you know, for example, that there are THREE types of map questions? Or that matching activities come in TWO forms? Neither did we!

Over the 5-day intensive course, you will learn all the skills needed to tackle any type of listening question well. In fact, by the end of the course, you will know as much as me about IELTS listening (and that is a lot!).

  • Learn from a genuine IELTS listening expert

    All our teachers are native speakers, hold a CELTA certificate, and have over 5 years' experience helping students achieve their target scores. In other words, you can trust that all of the advice our teachers give is 100% accurate.

  • Every type of IELTS listening question covered

    The course will break down every type of IELTS listening question so that you understand what the question tests, how it can be tackled best, and what tricks you need to avoid.

  • 5 x 75 minute classes

    The intensive course takes place over one week in five 75 minute classes (Monday to Friday). That’s over 6 hours of intensive lessons designed specifically to improve your IELTS listening skills.

  • Small group sizes

    There will never be more than 8 students in each intensive listening course to ensure that you receive personal guidance and feedback from our expert throughout the course.

  • NO questions from the Cambridge 1–15 series

    Have you completed all of the Cambridge IELTS books? No problem! Our course is based on high-quality questions from other sources so you can practice with brand new material.

  • Daily IELTS listening homework

    Our teaching doesn’t stop when the lesson ends. You will complete online practice activities each day to revise the day’s skills and improve further. Review these with your listening expert in the next class.

Our weekly timetable

  • Day one

    Maximise your score in Listening Part One.

    Today, we will cover the basics of the listening exam (finding key words, listening for two answers, etc) before taking a deep dive into Part One. Many students think that this is the easiest part of the test, but it is the only place where spelling and numbers are tested, and there are usually lots of distractors to watch out for!

  • Day two

    Taking the fear out of Multiple Choice Questions

    Hands up if you are afraid of the IELTS Multiple Choice questions? That’s OK - everybody is! So we have devoted an entire lesson to them. You will discover how these questions are used differently in Part 2 and Part 3, and how to maximise your chances of choosing the correct answer.

  • Day three

    Never get lost with IELTS maps or diagrams again

    Just as you get to grips with MCQ’s, now you have to look at maps! The good news is that we have broken these down into three common types. Once you learn the lexis and sentence structures needed for each, it should be easy! Oh, and we’ll take a look at diagrams too!

  • Day four

    The three types of IELTS matching questions

    I’ve always felt that matching questions use more brain power than any other type of listening task. Scanning the contents of the box while simultaneously listening to find the answer is not easy. Today, we will break this question down for you and explain how the task becomes easier or more difficult, depending on the items in the box.

  • Day five

    Never get lost in an IELTS lecture again!

    We finish our listening course by looking at Part 4 of the test - the lecture. While the language is more academic, it can actually be easier to follow as there will be clear signposts to guide you. By the end of the lesson, you will be armed with the techniques needed to confidently deal with note completion questions.

Which package is for me?

We offer two IELTS Listening Packages. Each one offers you a seat in our unique 5-day intensive listening course, but our Silver Package also adds some one-to-one lessons that you can use to target your personal problem areas.

Whichever package you choose, you will have access to the highest possible level of teaching and will be taking a giant step closer to your IELTS listening target score.

Want to learn powerful techniques for the listening test? Our Bronze Listening package is for you!

Join our expert in a 5-day intensive course that covers every aspect of the IELTS listening test. If you are new to IELTS and want to build basic exam techniques, or are looking to improve your current knowledge of the test, then this is the package for you.

What's included?

  • Our 5-day Intensive Listening Course

    Boost your skills in five 75-minute interactive lessons that cover every aspect of the IELTS listening test.

  • Interactive online practice materials

    Keep track of your progress by completing the daily online listening homework tasks, which your teacher will review with you the following day.

  • Community Facebook Group

    Lifetime access to my secret Facebook group, where you can ask questions and find support from other students.

  • Access to our FREE Live Lessons

    Join our daily live group lessons to learn key skills for speaking, reading, and listening from one of our expert teachers. Enjoy access during your subscription for NO EXTRA COST!

Our Bronze Listening package

Want some one-to-one expert guidance in your Listening package? Our Silver Listening package is the one!

If you would like to work face-to-face with one of our IELTS listening experts to focus on your particular problem areas, then you can have one-to-one lessons after your intensive listening course has ended in our Silver Listening Package.

What's included?

  • Absolutely everything in our Bronze Listening package!
  • Two 60 Minute Lessons with a listening expert

    Once you have completed the intensive listening course, you should know which type of question or skill you find most difficult. Now, spend two full hours working one-to-one with one of our listening experts to trouble-shoot your weak spots.

  • Access to the IELTS Grammar Video Course

    A strong foundation of grammar is important for every part of the IELTS test. Strengthen your knowledge of the most common B2/C1 sentence structures by working through the 22 lessons in my IELTS grammar course. Plus, these lessons will help you improve your score in all areas.

Our Silver Listening Package

£89.99 1 month

Save £29.99 1 month

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Want everything?! Access it all with our Platinum Everything package!

Our Platinum Package offers everything in our Gold Writing, Speaking, and Silver Reading and Listening Packages, plus more marking, and more one-to-one lessons. If you are looking for the ultimate level of support from our team of experts at every step of your IELTS journey, then this is the package for you.

The Platinum everything Package is perfect for any student who needs to improve by a full band in every area, or who wants to invest as much time and effort as possible into maximising their scores.

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