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Hey! I’m Shelly, the creator of My IELTS Classroom, the ultimate IELTS preparation course.

What qualifies me to teach IELTS, I hear you say? Well, since getting my CELTA certificate in 2002, I’ve spent the last 16 years travelling the world teaching English as a foreign language. So far, I have worked in 6 countries (Austria, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia and Russia), where I’ve taught students from every continent except Antarctica!

After receiving my Master of Applied Linguistics in 2005, I decided to specialise in teaching English for Academic Purposes, and have since worked as a teacher and test creator at the University of Newcastle, Australia (2005-2010), and The State University of St Petersburg, Russia (2010 - Present). 

I also have over 5,000 hours IELTS teaching experience, and an a university examiner. This means that I not only know what is expected of you in the exam, but how to teach you these skills in the most effective way. My aim is to take you from zero to IELTS hero in the shortest time possible, something which I have done with successfully with hundred of IELTS test-takers over the last 10 years.

I also believe I have the unique ability to make IELTS classes educational and fun. Too many IELTS preparation courses are boring! My job as a teacher is not just to provide accurate information, but to give my students energy and motivation to study harder, which is definitely the key to achieving a high IELTS score. A vital part of this is caring about the students who trust me to guide them on their IELTS journey - My IELTS Classroom is a place where you no longer have to feel alone when you study.

When I’m not teaching or testing, you can find me taking photographs (I have been published in The Guardian and the New York Times), playing golf (handicap of 6), listening to podcasts, or playing with my cat Mewsli (when she let's me!)