‘Our’ IELTS Classroom

When I started making the first video lessons for My IELTS Classroom back in 2015, I had no idea the journey I was setting out on. I thought that maybe a few dozen people would watch my videos and I could combine my teaching at university with a small online IELTS school.

5 years later and My IELTS Classroom is now a full online school with 4 teachers, an amazing support team, and literally thousands of students. The best news? The level of support and motivation that we offer our students is exactly the same as it was at the start. That is the beauty of asking your favourite ex-colleagues to come and work with you! It means that today, even though it will always be “My IELTS Classroom”, it is really “Our IELTS Classroom”.

  • Shelly

    Hey! I’ve been teaching English for almost 20-years now, and whether I am in a classroom full of teenagers or in a lecture theatre with undergraduates, my aim is always the same – to create lessons that are educational and enjoyable. After completing my MA in Applied Linguistics in 2005, I specialised in teaching Academic English in universities, and even though I don’t have time to teach anymore, I still create exams for the University of St Petersburg.

    My background in Academic English is really what led me to start My IELTS Classroom in 2005. I could see that there was a real lack of high-quality teaching in the online IELTS world, and I felt that students deserved something better. Today, I help literally thousands of students each week through my IELTS video courses, blog posts, and podcast, and this gives me such a sense of pride. I often think that I made the decision to become a teacher because “I wanted to travel and see the world” – but now, years later, I run a school that is full of students from all around the world straight from my home! I guess it turned out to be the teaching that I love, not the travelling!

  • Nick

    I’ve been a part of Shelly’s wonderful My IELTS Classroom for over two years now. I want to start by saying, I understand! I started learning Russian at 25 years old and am now a fluent speaker (or at least as close as I can be). I know what it takes to master a foreign language and want to help others do the same. After completing my MA in Eastern European History and completing a CELTA course top of my class, I’ve been teaching English for over 6 years now and feel very lucky to say that I love my job!

    I started in St. Petersburg, Russia, where I met Shelly, and have gradually trained to become an IELTS teacher in that time. Recently, thanks to My IELTS Classroom, I was able to take my teaching online and help as many students as possible from all over the world! There is no better feeling than getting a message from a student who achieved (or even exceeded) their IELTS score. With over 5 year's experience, I know what IELTS demands from each student, and with my broad knowledge of IELTS and Shelly’s fantastic teaching tools, I’m happy to assist you in any way possible.

  • Juliet

    I've been teaching English for over ten years, and whether my students are 7 or 70, my objective is always the same, to help them reach theirs. Over the years there has been a shift in motivation for many students, with many learning English out of necessity rather than for pleasure, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves along the way! I love my job, and I love watching students progress and improve, each at their own pace. It's a fantastic feeling when you see those light bulb moments, when a student clicks because you've managed to explain something that a student has had difficulty understanding, so I guess my main objective is to have lessons full of light bulb moments!

  • Helen

    Hi! Shelly and I have been friends for many years, and from the minute she showed me My IELTS Classroom I thought it was an incredibly creative, innovative and fantastic teaching resource. I also thought that she is probably the most interesting and fun teacher I’ve ever seen! So I was delighted when she asked me to work with her in helping to look after the welfare of her students (it is me who answers many of your enquiry emails) and to help grow her business to reach more students who need her help. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t speak any other languages but I do have a degree in Law and Business Studies so I understand the importance of accurate, high level English language skills and spot on spelling and grammar!

The official stuff

We guarantee that our teachers are the most qualified possible to lead you on your IELTS journey.

  • All of our teachers have a CELTA qualification

    The Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is the most respected teaching qualification available for teachers of a second language. ALL of our teachers have this and some have a Master’s in Applied Linguistics or a DELTA (the certificate above a CELTA). In short, we are as qualified as we can get!

  • All of our teachers have extensive experience preparing students for the exam

    Who better to teach you how to pass an exam than the people who have already successfully trained hundreds of students? We know that the information and techniques on the course are effective because our students keep on getting their required bands.

  • All of our teachers are native speakers

    When preparing for an exam that is designed to test if you are ready to live and work in an English-speaking country, then there really is nobody better to prepare you than native English teachers. Honestly, this can be invaluable in speaking and writing, where we can explain exactly what is expected of you in terms of ideas and making your language natural.

  • All of our teachers have years of experience teaching all types of General English

    Beware of anybody who says that they are an “IELTS teacher” - there is no such thing! IELTS is an exam that tests your General level of English and Academic skills. You want a teacher who has taught English at every level from Beginner to Proficiency, and who has prepared students for many different types of exams. That’s us! Yes, every year we help hundreds of students achieve their IELTS scores, but we do so much more as well!

  • All of our teachers have taught in foreign countries

    Every nationality has their own unique set of language problems thanks to the influence of their mother tongue. Our teachers have experience working with a wide range of nationalities as we have travelled, teaching around the world. This means we have worked with people from all backgrounds and know how to adapt our teaching to meet your needs.

  • All of our teachers are friendly and encouraging!

    Motivation is often the key to success, so it is important that you choose to study with teachers who not only have the expertise to help you, but also the right attitude. I promise that we care as much about your IELTS score as you do, and will do everything we can to help you get there.