Our daily live lessons

Every My IELTS Classroom Bronze, Silver and Gold Package now comes with FREE lessons for reading, listening and speaking.

Yes, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) you can join one of our experts for a 60-minute lesson on Zoom. The lessons and teachers change every week - so this week you might join Juliet on Monday to practice listening maps, and next week join Nick on Tuesday to perfect speaking cue cards - but the level of teaching is always the same.

The live lessons are interactive, so be prepared to get involved in every class. There will be times when you will learn new language, complete exam tasks, and practice with a partner, and others when you can ask the teacher questions to clear your doubts.

Weekly timetable

A new timetable will appear every Sunday, so make sure you check regularly to sign up for lessons while there is still space (maximum 20 students per class).

  • Monday 30 January

    Listening • Decoding diagrams

    With Juliet

    Lesson Starts 11.30am GMT Check your timezone


    More about the lesson

    It is time to put practice into action by completing a FULL LISTENING TEST today. And, this is not just any test – but the one that we think is the most difficult in the Cambridge books. Are you ready for the challenge? Join Juliet at 11.30am to find out!

  • Tuesday 31 January

    Academic Reading • Read Once, Read Well (Headings and T/F/NG)

    With Nick

    Lesson Starts 4pm GMT Check your timezone


    More about the lesson

    Today, we will review Headings Match questions and learn to answer Summary Questions as we read once, read well. This lesson is a great way to practice headings with Nick and to see how much easier they are to answer when you actually read the text!

  • Wednesday 1 February

    Speaking • Expressing likes and Dislikes in Part 1

    With Nick

    Lesson Starts 1pm GMT Check your timezone


    More about the lesson

    All of the questions in Speaking Part One are about you. Often, that means talking about your likes and dislikes. On the one hand, this is easy because we all know what we like but, on the other, it can be hard as these questions are simplistic and don’t give us much chance to “show off” our language. Learn how to take your skills to the next level in today’ Speaking Part One lesson with Nick.

  • Thursday 2 February

    General Training Reading • Tackling True, False, Not Given in Sections 1 and 2 Version 1

    With Nick

    Lesson Starts 4pm GMT Check your timezone


    More about the lesson

    Hands up if you are confused by True / False / Not Given questions! I think everybody is. Today, Nick will finally clear your confusion by showing you how to identify scanning and control words, how to understand the different between false and not given, and how important it is to actually read!

  • Friday 3 February

    Grammar • Articles and countable / uncountable nouns

    With Shelly

    Lesson Starts 12pm GMT Check your timezone


    More about the lesson

    Join Shelly today for a masterclass in articles. Although she cannot promise that you will know every rule by the end of the lesson, hopefully you will be able to make fewer errors moving forward!

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