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  • Monday 11th December

    Speaking • Past Event Cue Cards

    With Shelly

    Lesson Starts 1pm Check your timezone


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    We have calculated that around 50% of cue cards in the IELTS test ask you to describe a past event, which makes this a MUST ATTEND lesson. Work with Nick to learn about the problem of time travelling and simple techniques that you can use to make sure you always speak for 2 minutes.
  • Tuesday 12th December

    No Lesson Today


    Lesson Starts Check your timezone

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  • Wednesday 13th December

    General and Academic Reading • Solving the Information Match Puzzle

    With Nick

    Lesson Starts 1pm GMT Check your timezone


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    Are you ready to play detective? Somewhere in the 800 word passage are hidden 5 or 6 pieces of information. Your job is to work out where! To do this, you will need to learn to recognise what the writer is doing in particular sentences and how this is summarised by the test writer’s in the question stems. Find out how today with Shelly!

  • Thursday 14th December

    Listening • Taking the guesswork out of Multiple Choice

    With Nick

    Lesson Starts 1pm GMT Check your timezone


    More about the lesson

    Today’s listening class will teach you about a) Multiple Choice b) Maps c) Note completion The answer is a – multiple choice! Today, Nick will show you how these questions are used differently by the exam writers in Parts 2 and 3 of the listening test and how you can avid the dreaded distractors!

  • Friday 15th December

    Writing • Generating Ideas

    With Shelly

    Lesson Starts 9am Check your timezone


    More about the lesson

    Join Shelly today to look at how you can analyse essay prompts well and then generate ideas for 6 essays (if we have time!)

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