My IELTS Classroom | 1st, 2nd and Zero Conditional Sentences in IELTS essays

Zero, 1st & 2nd Conditionals

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Again, being able to write error-free conditional sentences must be at the top of every test-takers list of skills. Conditional sentences are so useful - particularly in essays, where we can use them to give examples or show the results of an action. But, even though we learn conditional sentences from the start of our English-speaking lives, many students still get confused between the different types of conditional sentence. I think that's because text books focus on how the sentences are made and not how they are used

So, in this video, you we will learn how to grammatically construct the three different types of conditional sentences, but more importantly, we will learn WHEN TO USE THEM! I find that once this is clear, students never have problems again! So, if are you ready to never be confused about conditionals again, let's go! (that's a zero conditional!)

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