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3 Useful Sentence Structures for Specific Details Paragraphs

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So, here's the thing: most IELTS reports can be written using only 3 types of sentences! I'm serious. Of course, for higher level students, you should feel free to add more, but in my experience, if you are aiming for a 6.5 or a 7.0, learning these 3 sentence structures will be a life saver in the exam. Because the truth is that when you are writing an IELTS report, there is little room for creativity. We just have to write sentences that clearly and directly give information (remember Janet our friendly robot?!) So, in this video, we will learn:

  • how to construct 3 basic sentences that can be used to describe any change chart
  • how to add statistics to our sentences (you MUST do this in the exam, or you will achieve a Band 5 for Task Achievement)
  • how to describe statistics that are NOT exact (again, this is a key IELTS skill)

Do NOT skip this lesson. You must know how to describe statistics accurately to achieve a high score.

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