My IELTS Classroom | Writing sentences to show contrast in IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2

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If I was going to give an MVP (Most Valuable Player) award to a grammar structure in the IELTS exam, I would definitely award it to contrast sentences. Try to write a report, essay or letter without using at least one contrast clause. Go on, I dare you- it's impossible! That's why we are going to start our main grammar course by looking at words that we can use to show 3 types of contrast:

  • neutral - but, however, on the other hand, etc
  • concession  - although, despite, nevertheless, etc
  • strong contrast - while, whereas, whilst 

In particular, we will focus on the grammar patterns we have to use with these words so that we can write sentences with NO errors.

Remember, when you have finished watching the video, you can download the practice activities by clicking on the link to the right :)