My IELTS Classroom | IELTS Grammar Lesson: Passive Voice

The Passive Voice

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I would say that being able to write passive sentences is an absolute must for any IELTS test-taker. Not only are they a key component of the writing exam, but they are often play a large role in the reading and listening exams too. Therefore, in this video, we will do a comprehensive review of the passive voice, including:

  • a quick review of the difference between passive and active sentences
  • why and when we should use the passive voice
  • how to form the passive voice in ALL tenses
  • the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs (well, I won't teach you this, the Grammar Geek will)

If you are a high-level learner (C1+) and don't have much time before test day, you might choose to skip this lesson.