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The Vocabulary of IELTS Change Charts

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So, we already know how to write an introduction and an overview, but what about the specific details paragraphs?! How do we write those? Well, that's what we are going to look at in the next two videos. This first video is all about VOCABULARY. To achieve a 7.0 or higher for Lexical Resource, we are gong to need to use some uncommon lexical items in our reports. The good news is that most charts use the same vocabulary, so by learning 20- 30 words, we can be prepared for ANY exam question. 

In this video, we will look at:

  • verbs and nouns that describe change (increases, decreases, no change, and fluctuations)
  • common mistakes that students make when describing change
  • adverbs to describe the amount of change an item undergoes (these words are really good score boosters!)