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Relative Clauses

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Oh boy - here we go! Relative Clauses cause SO many problems for students. And, to make matters worse, the problems you have will depend on your FIRST LANGUAGE. So, in the video, I will attempt to address EVERY problem I've ever seen with relative clauses in just 40 minutes (yes, its a long one, but that's only 3 minutes for every year I've been a teacher!). In the lesson, we will learn:

  • the basics of relative clauses - why we need them, and in which situations they can be used
  • how to choose the correct relative pronoun (who, which, where, whose, whom, etc)
  • how to identify and use the TWO types of relative clauses (defining and non-defining)
  • WHEN TO USE AND WHEN NOT TO USE COMMAS (this one is important)

If you get tired during this video, there is a place where you can pause or rest. Don't let the length put you off though- this is an extremely important lesson.