My IELTS Classroom | IELTS Grammar Lesson: Participle Clauses

Participle Clauses

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Having watched 11 videos, your grammar should already be very good. But in this video, we will take our skills to a new level. Participle clauses are one of the most complex grammar structures in the English language, so they definitely earn big points in the exam. In fact, just using one can really boost to your Grammatical Range and Accuracy score, so in this lesson we will learn:

  • the 4 different ways English uses -ing at the end of a sentence (Spoiler: one of them is for participles!)
  • what participle clauses are and how they are used to make our language more concise
  • how to use participle clauses to show the relationship between sentences
  • the difference between present, past and perfect participle clauses

This video is intended for higher level learners (Upper Intermediate +). If you only require a 6.0 in the exam, it's OK to skip this lesson.