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IELTS Marking Service

My IELTS Classroom offers students the chance to have their writing assessed before exam day. 

You can find FOUR downloadable examples of the Marking Service next to the video above, but in general the service includes:

  • correction of ALL mistakes in  either 2 x IELTS Task 1 , or 1 x IELTS Task 2 
  • a score for each of the four IELTS Band Descriptors 
  • detailed feedback on WHY you achieved those scores
  • an overall IELTS Band Score 
  • suggestions from an experienced IELTS teacher on how to improve before test day
  • a guarantee that your script will be returned within 72 hours

You can watch the video above for a short summary of how to use the service, or you can follow the instructions below:

1. Choose the Task 1 or Task 2 question you would like to answer from the My IELTS Classroom course. You can also answer any writing question in the IELTS Cambridge Practice books (6-11). 

2. Print a copy of the Official IELTS Writing Answer Booklet (Download from the link on this page)

3. Find a quiet place, set your timer, and write your letter, report or essay. It is essential that you only spend 20 minutes on Task 1, or 40 minutes on Task 2.

4. DO NOT use a dictionary! I mean it. In the exam you only have the vocabulary available IN YOUR HEAD! 

5. Type up your report/letter/essay WITHOUT making any changes 

6. Come back to this page, click BUY and securely pay for the marking service using your credit or debit card.

7. Email your report, letter, or essay to, making sure you INCLUDE YOUR INVOICE NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL.

8. Wait a maximum of 72 hours for your marked writing to be returned.

Remember, your writing will always be marked by an experienced IELTS teacher, so you can feel confident that your score is accurate (and, even if it lower than you expected, by following the suggestions, you still have a chance to improve before exam day)