My IELTS Classroom | IELTS Grammar: Making Comparisons

Making Comparisons

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What? Comparing? I learnt to do this in my Elementary class?!!!! Well, yes you did, but because the IELTS exam often makes you compare in the writing and speaking modules, I thought that we would try to take that Elementary knowledge and make it Advanced. 

So, in this lesson, we will:

  • quickly review the most basic comparative and superlative structures (-er / -est / more / most, etc)
  • learn how to add adverbs to our sentences to make them more advanced
  • look at the as + adjective + as structure, and how useful it can be in Academic Writing Task 1 (and of course in the speaking exam for you General students!)
  • learn how to write the + comparative, the + comparative sentences

Advanced students - you may wish to skip the first 5 minutes of this video, but please view for the more complex structures found at the end of the lesson.