My IELTS Classroom | Introduction to IELTS General Training Task 1

Introduction to General Training Task 1 - FREE

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I see test-takers making the same mistake again and again - not addressing all the parts of the question. I'm serious, you might be surprised to find out that even strong candidates miss out details, and this has serious consequences for their final score (Spoiler: they get 5 for Task Achievement). So, in this video we will learn:

  • the basic facts about General Training Task 1 (word count, time, etc)
  • how to analyse prompts to understand how formal a letter is
  • how to recognise the different types of IELTS letters 
  • how to address ALL parts of a task every time you write

Don't forget to complete the practice activities when the video ends. You can find the download link to the right of the video.