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IELTS Map Reports

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Hands up who gets lost easily? If that's you, don't worry. To write a map report, you don't have to follow directions, you simply have to be able to describe the changes that happened in a place (usually a town). Personally, I think map reports are the easiest to write (which is why I left them until the end of the course when people are tired). Quite simply, all we have to do is learn a few common key features for our overview, and some verbs to describe changes, and BOOM, we're ready to rock and roll. So, in this video, we will

  • look at a model answer to understand how to organise our map reports
  • learn the most common key features for map overviews
  • learn the importance of describing exactly WHERE features on a map are
  • learn the fundamental verbs needed to describe maps (demolish, construct, relocate, etc)