My IELTS Classroom | Writing an IELTS Map Report

Guided Practice: Map Report

Friends, this is it, our final guided practice, and the last video in our Writing Task 1 course. In this lesson, our focus is on map charts. As usual, we will look at a task together to find the key features and plan our report. Then, we will check our writing using my Task 1 Checklist (attached to this video). And, trust me, if your report satisfies all of the features on the list, you will be sailing to a 7. And that my friend is all I can hope for :)

Once again, thank you very much for completing this course. If you have subscribed for the full course, you can now safely move to Task 2 or IELTS Grammar. If this is your only or final course, then GOOD LUCK in your exam. If you found My IELTS Classroom useful, please can you tell your friends and family about it. My aim is to help as many students as possible crack the IELTS exam. Or, if you would like to send me feedback, please email me at I welcome all comments - good or bad :)