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Gerunds & Infinitives

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I think if I was learning English as a second language, gerunds and infinitives rules would be the time I gave up. I mean, you've already learned all of the irregular verbs in English, why on earth do you have to learn which verbs are followed by gerunds, and which verbs are followed by infinitives? And don't even get me started with bare infinitives! So, in this lesson, I will do my best to make the gerund and infinitive rules clear and easy to memorise memorise. We will

  • discuss what gerunds and infinitives are and why we need them
  • learn all of the basic gerunds and infinitives rules
  • test our existing knowledge of which verbs are 'gerund verbs' and which verbs are 'infinitive verbs'
  • learn from the Grammar Geek what the difference is between used to + infinitive and be used to + gerund (again, another common problem area for IELTS test-takers)