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Example of My IELTS Classroom Marking Service

People often tell me that my marking service is "expensive". However, once they see the detail in the feedback, they realise that it is worth every penny! Click on the link to the right to see what real feedback should look like. 

Whenever you pay for somebody to correct your work, you should ask:

1. Does the marker correct all my mistakes?
2. Does the marker EXPLAIN all of my mistakes and give me the knowledge not to make them again?
3. Does the marker show me how my mistakes affect my band score?
4. Does the marker give me an ACCURATE band score i.e. have they been an examiner or trained to allocate a correct band?
5. Does the marker tell me what to focus on in the future to IMPROVE your score?
6. Does the marker give UNIQUE personalised feedback (or do they just cut and paste language from the band descriptors)?

If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, you are not paying for REAL marking! Cheap is not always effective!