My IELTS Classroom | How to Write an IELTS Process Report

An Introduction to IELTS Process Reports

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So, we enter the second and final phase of our Writing Task 1 course. The phase where we learn how to write reports for processes and maps. The good news? Well, these reports follow the same Recipe for Success as our chart reports, and they can also be easy to write. In fact, as we will see in this video, part of the problem of process reports is that they can be TOO easy to write, so we need to learn ways to make our language more  complex. In this video, we will learn:

  • how to write an introductory sentence to a process report
  • how to find the key features in a process report (this is the biggest problem for most test-takers)
  • how to use time expressions so that you can avoid using ONLY the present simple in your report
  • how to make your Grammatical Range and Accuracy score soar by using participle clauses

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