My IELTS Classroom | Passive, Perfect and Continuous Gerunds and Infinitives

Advanced Gerunds & Infinitives

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Wait! Don't tell me there are more verbs to learn?! No, don't worry, in this Advanced-level video we will learn how to use gerunds and infinitives in more complex ways. We will cover:

  • passive gerunds and infinitives
  • perfect gerunds and infinitives (to talk about the PAST)
  • continuous infinitives (to talk about actions happening NOW)
  • verbs that be followed by either a gerund or an infinitive, and how this changes their meaning

Seriously, this lesson is a knock out for students who want to learn high level grammar structures to add to their writing. When examiners mark writing that contains a passive or perfect gerund, it makes handing out a high score for Grammatical Range and Accuracy very easy!