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3rd & Mixed Conditionals

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Now that we understand the first three conditionals, it's time we moved onto the fourth - the 3rd conditional! The only conditional that we can use to talk about the past. The 3rd conditional has a reputation for being one the of the most complicated English grammar structures, so if you can sneak one of these into your writing or speaking, it will definitely get the attention of the examiner. And, if you can master mixed conditionals, well then nothing will be able to stop you getting a 7!

In this video, we will learn:

  • how to form 3rd conditional sentences and when to use them
  • what a mixed conditional sentence is and in which situations they are useful (Note: not all conditionals can be mixed)
  • how to pronounce "would have" like a native speaker

Do I still need to remind you to download and complete the practice activities?