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Using the Band Descriptors to Achieve a 7.0 or higher - FREE

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Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to success in the IELTS exam, or simple tricks that will quickly boost your band score. However, there is one way you can significantly improve your chances of getting  a 7 or higher. And that's understanding the band descriptors. Yes, the IELTS organisation makes its marking criteria public, so you can see exactly what you have to do to achieve a high score on exam day. In this video, we will:

  • discover that having a high level of English doesn't guarantee a high IELTS score 
  • learn what the 4 band descriptors are and what you have to do to satisfy them
  • look at a model answer to understand how to actually use the band descriptors in your report
  • learn how Task 1 and Task 2 use different parts of your brain 

You can download a copy of the Public Band Descriptors by clicking on the link just under the practice activities.

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