My IELTS Classroom


Abdul Rehman Khan, KSA

  • "If you follow the structure she provides you for a particular type of essay you are going to pass the exam."

Amelia Andrade Pita, Portugal

I’m glad I found Shelly’s website before sitting IELTS. Not only does it explain each type of question you might come across, but it also teaches you how to address them by giving you specific advice on structure, vocabulary and grammar.

I can highly recommend this website and guarantee you that Shelly has your progress as her ultimate goal!

  • "Shelly has your progress as your ultimate goal"

Yeonjin Kim, South Korea

For me, it was very difficult to exceed 7.0 in writing and speaking. However, after I took Shelly's courses, I felt that my total English capability was dramatically enhanced. Due to her detailed explanations and useful skills in IELTs writing and speaking, I could attain the target score. Especially, she offered excellent model answers, helpful expressions and phrases which can be used in real exam. Finally, my writing score jumped from 6.5 to 7.5 and speaking score increased from 6.0 to 7.0. It was unbelievable!

  • "I felt that my total English capability was dramatically enhanced"

Taha, Pakistan

It took me more than 9 attempts to clear my IELTS. During my two years of attempts I bought every paid subscription I could get my hands on, like Liz, IELTS advantage, Paulin Cullen apps and Ryan as well. But, Shelly’s course was the cheapest yet the most comprehensive lessons I saw in my whole IELTS duration. The videos not only tell you a thorough description, but they also help you during the video to practice and at the end of each video there are separate practice activities. After watching the lessons the exam was like filling in the blanks.

  • "It took me more than 9 attempts to clear my IELTS. Only one with Shelly!"

Marta, Poland

I wholeheartedly recommend lessons with Shelly! I've seen her writing videos and I believe they are just the best IELTS writing course on the Internet! And when I got merely 6.5 in Speaking I decided to ask Shelly for help. After only 5 lessons I managed to hit 8 in Speaking at my second attempt.

  • "After only 5 lessons I managed to hit 8 in Speaking at my second attempt."

Misbah, Pakistan

  • "I thought I would make it through on my own, I was wrong."

Raul, Romania

I am extremely thankful I came across My IELTS Classroom and be capable to learn a lot of tricks taught by Shelly. To be mentioned: I began the course 14 days before my IELTS exam and even so I achieved very good results.

Therefore, if you begin the course 1 or 2 months before your exam it’s impossible not to get a high score. Additionally, Shelly’s blog is also very helpful, there you can prepare for listening, reading and speaking. Thank you so much Shelly!

  • "14 days of your course helped me to get a place at a prestigious university in London."

Aqsa, Pakistan

I took sooo many attempts. I became so depressed and started anti-depressants as well. In other words, I became a patient rather than a doctor. I can’t thank enough to God I found Shelly as my teacher 😊. YOU ARE THE BEST IELTS TEACHER 😊. You not only made me ace this exam but understood me and increased my morale, which was the most important task at that time and teachers don’t usually bother to do that 😊.

  • "Shelly increased my morale. Most teacher’s don’t bother to do that"

Richa, Australia

Subscribing to Myieltsclassroom was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Shelly's style of teaching is unique , and she includes everything in her videos that students with any level of English can understand perfectly. Moreover practice exercises, continuous email support , writing correction service and grammar lessons are making student's dreams of getting 7+ quite easy.

  • "Shelly's style of teaching is unique"

Pooja, UK

Special thanks to Shelly. Not only is she a great teacher but the bet mentor and supporter. She helped me during tough times when I was going through depression seeing my friends get their desired scores and heading to the next steps in their lives!! She taught me how to be unique and how to accept your failure with pride. Those who are struggling with writing part should subscribe to her course. Her grammar videos are amazing so are writing task 1 and 2 :) You should get the best teacher award :)

  • "Those who are struggling with writing part should subscribe to her course"

Touqeer, Pakistan

I had been struggling with IELTS for over a year. I took this test multiple times but always ended up 6.5 in writing. I was totally disappointed because I had tried many expensive online courses. One day contacted Shelly and told her about my struggle with IELTS. She gave me courage and asked me to work with her for a month. In this one month, I watched her videos and followed her advice which she used to give me after evaluating my essays. By the grace of God and Mam Shelly's help I finally achieved my desired bands. I highly recommend Mam Shelly's videos and essay corrections service to every IELTS test-taker, especially those are stuck at 6.5 in writing.

  • "I high recommend Shelly’s videos and essay correction service."