IELTS Speaking Lessons via Skype or Zoom

My IELTS Classroom is not just for writing. We also offer high-quality training for the IELTS speaking test through our 100% realistic Practice Speaking Tests and Speaking Training Sessions.

Why Take a Practice Speaking Test?

If you want to be fully-prepared for your IELTS Speaking Test, then it can be very beneficial to experience a full exam before your test-day. My IELTS Practice Speaking Tests are 100% the same as the real IELTS test, except they happen online, and you don’t get an official certificate at the end!

Practice tests are a wonderful way to find out if you are ready to sit the IELTS test or not, and to analyse which part of the test you need to focus your preparation on. In the 30-minute session, you will:

  1. do a complete speaking test with one of our speaking experts (all are native speakers, and most are ex-examiners). All timings, examiner scripts and questions will be 100% the same as the real IELTS exam
  2. receive accurate band scores for Fluency & Coherence, Grammatical Range & Accuracy, Lexical Resource and pronunciation
  3. be given a clear explanation for your scores and advice about how to improve them
  4. get feedback on your performance in each part of the test and learn techniques that will help you to improve

Wait, there's more!

Plus, when you finish your test, you will receive a PDF print out of the session that contains the errors you made in the test next to the corrections. Amazing, right? This means that you will not only have a record of everything discussed in the feedback, but you will be able to review them again and again before your real test. Want to see what this looks like? Click on the link below!

Why Take Speaking Training Sessions?

Once you know which part of your speaking needs more attention, you can then work with one of our speaking experts to improve your skills. Our experts know exactly what you need to do to ace the test, so we will work with you through each of the three sections to give you clear advice on how to maximise your performance in each part. Your lessons will include:

Part 1: Taking “Talking about Yourself” to another level

  • gain experience talking about the range of topics covered in Part 1 and how to deal with strange questions
  • learn how to use intonation in your response to increase your Pronunciation score
  • find out how you can increase your fluency score by answering honestly and in the right amount of words

Part 2: Killing the Cue Card

  • learn techniques that will make sure you never run out of things to say in Part 2
  • practice the 5 different “types” of cue card to make sure you can answer them equally well
  • get expert support on how you can use your personal experiences to build a good cue card response

Part 3: Discussing Abstract Topics like a Philosopher!

  • learn why Part 3 is so important for your score and what you need to do to improve your performance
  • practice talking about abstract topics without giving personal answers
  • find out how to deal with questions you don’t know the answer to!

Which speaking package is right for you? The Trouble-shooting Package, or the Full Speaking Course?

If you only have ONE problem area (for example, the cue-card, or pronunciation) then you may just need one lesson with our expert trainers to be able to address your weakness. If so, you should choose our trouble-shooting package that includes ONE practice speaking exam (30 minutes) and ONE 60-minute training session.

If you feel that you would like to have in-depth practice of each of the three parts, then you should join the complete speaking package that includes TWO practice speaking exams (30 minutes each) and THREE 60-minute training sessions. You will start with a practice speaking test so that you know your score at the start and which areas need work. Then, you will have THREE 60-minute training sessions with one of our experts to cover each part of the test, before ending with another test to see your progress.

  • One Practice Speaking Test

    • ONE full IELTS speaking test
    • A clear band score and advice on how to improve
    • A downloadable PDF of your test with notes from our expert
    • 30 minutes in 1 session
  • Trouble-Shooting Package

    • ONE full IELTS speaking test
    • A clear band score and advice on how to improve
    • A downloadable PDF of your test with notes from our expert
    • ONE 60-minute training session to focus on ONE problem area (Part 1, or Part 2, or Part 3)
    • 90 minutes in 2 sessions
  • Complete Speaking Package

    • TWO full IELTS speaking tests
    • A clear band score and advice on how to improve
    • A downloadable PDF of your test with notes from our expert
    • THREE 60-minute training sessions to focus on ALL problems areas (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)
    • 240 minutes in 5 sessions