First Analysis

If you are stuck at 6.0 or 6.5 and don’t know why, or are just starting your IELTS preparation and need to know which areas to focus your practice on, or are just curious to see what score an examiner would give you if you sat the exam today, then my first-analysis service is for you!

Getting a real expert to look at your work is a great way to find out exactly why you are achieving your current score. In the service, you will receive:

  • give you an accurate band score with clear explanations of exactly why you achieved the score you did in each part
  • give you clear advice on what you need to do improve your band score in each area

Why do you need a first analysis?

Too many students write essay after essay that contain the same mistakes. The trick to improving is identifying your problem areas and then tailoring your practice to fix them. Only when you know what your problems are can you start to make them better. Yes, you might need to take a writing course, but it could be that you are making one or two simple errors that can be easily fixed!

Still not sure if a first analysis is right for you?

Then why not download a sample to find out.

Get Yours Today!

  • ✔ scores for each band descriptor
  • ✔ clear advice on how to improve
  • ✔ 48-hour service