My IELTS Classroom | Present Perfect Tense Lesson

Tense Time: The Present Perfect

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Right, it's time for the first of our 3 Tense Time videos, and in this lesson we will learn all about my favourite English tense: The Present Perfect. I will attempt to demystify what is probably the most troublesome tense for second language learners by:

  • showing you that the present perfect is a bridge between the past and now
  • clearly explaining the 3 main uses of the present perfect simple
  • comparing the present perfect simple to the present perfect continuous
  • praying that everybody has finally understood the present perfect!

I feel confident that by the time you have finished this video, you will finally have a clear idea how the present perfect works, and why it is so important in the English language. Plus, in the practice activities, you will get a chance to use the present perfect in a letter. So, what are you waiting for....???? Go, go, go!