My IELTS Classroom | Past Tenses in English (Narrative Tenses)

Tense Time: The Narrative Tenses

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In this bundle of joy, we won't just study one past tense, we will study FOUR! Yes, all of the past tenses in one video! Using correct tenses is important for EVERY student in IELTS exam, but it is particularly important for General Training students as you are often asked to describe past events in Task 1. And, as we know, if we can't use complex tenses, it's unlikely we will get a high mark for Grammatical Range and Accuracy. So. in this video, we will study:

  • how to make the past simplepast continuous and past perfect tenses
  • how to use these tenses to tell a story in the past
  • the differences between the past perfect simple and past perfect continuous

If you don't like tenses, don't worry. I promise that this lesson is painless!