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Letters of Complaint: Extending the Bullets

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(Take a deep breath) OK, here we go. Usually, letters don't give us the chance to use complex sentences. Complex tenses, yes. Complex sentences, no. BUT, letters of complaint are the total opposite. They are the one type of letter that naturally offer us lots of opportunities to use complex structures. And not just the easy complex sentences (like reason) but some really difficult high level ones! Cool, right? So, in this video, we will learn how to:

  • use "inversion" to emphasise that there was more than one problem
  • show the negative consequences of the problems
  • use contrast to show how the description of a product or service didn't match the reality (this is a really useful one!)

And, not only are letters of complaint fun to write, but they are also actually useful in the real world. I'm not sure that many of you will have to write letters of apology or explanation in the future, but I'm fairly confident that you will have to complain. So, this lesson won't only help your score in the exam, but it could help you in the real world too :)

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