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Letters of Complaint: Vocabulary

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We've finally arrived at my favourite type of letter- the letter of complaint. Nothing in life gives me more joy than writing a letter of complaint. Especially when I've been given really poor service, and I know that a company will have to apologise to me. But, before we can look at how to write a letter of complaint, we need to spend some time thinking about vocabulary. Because unlike all of the other letters in the IELTS exam, letters of complaint require A LOT of topic specific vocabulary. Just think about it. Look around your apartment - could you describe all the possible problems that could go wrong in it in English?  I expect not. So, in this video, we will take some time out from letter writing to focus on vocabulary, learning how to describe basic problems in SEVEN areas: 

  • Accommodation
  • Shops
  • Technology
  • Clothes
  • Restaurants
  • Transport
  • Neighbours

Plus, we will learn all the how to ask for solutions to our problems (WITHOUT making threats!)