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Letters of Apology

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I know, I know, I know. I just got over my fear of writing letters of thanks, and now we have to go straight to letters of apology?! I mean, come on. Surely no other letter can be as hard to write as the one in which you have to say sorry for something. Well, the good news is that in the IELTS exam what you are apologising for will be relatively minor - a forgotten birthday, or a cancelled appointment. And, even though writing an apology letter in the real world is painful, in the IELTS exam it's rather simple because there is a definite recipe for a letter of apology. So, in this video we will:

  • learn the 4 steps to a perfect apology
  • learn how to express regret with should have + past participle
  • examine how to make guesses using modal verbs of speculation
  • spend some time looking at spelling (which is a key part of our Lexical Resource score)

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