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Guided Practice: IELTS Discuss Both Sides Essay

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Right, it's time you did some real work (apart from the practice activities, which I know you do after each video!) In this video, we will write a whole Discuss Both Sides essay together in 40 minutes. It is important that you watch and complete this video in a place where you can really concentrate (so not on the bus home from school, or on the underground on the way back from work!).

In every practice video we focus on ONE exam skill - today it's planning. We will learn:

  • how to use the 5 minutes we have in the exam effectively 
  • how to brainstorm and organise your ideas before you start writing

Then, we will write our answers individually before checking them together.

It is also a good idea to use the real IELTS answer booklet every time you write so that you get a good idea of how much space 250 words in YOUR handwriting takes up on the page. Luckily, I have made my own copy of the IELTS answer booklet, which you can download and print now. The link is under the practice activities to the right :)