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Guided Practice: Direct Question Essays

WELL DONE! You've made it! It was a long road, but you now know everything that I know about IELTS Writing Task 2. Yes, you can say with confidence that you really can think like an examiner! 

In this final video, we will put everything we know into practice. I will let you plan, and write an essay on your own, but then, I will teach you one final skill- how to check your essay for mistakes. In the final few moments of the exam, you don't have time to make big changes to your essay, but you can still find and correct the small mistakes that make the difference between a 7 and an 8. And, if you have watched ALL of the videos and done ALL of the practice activities, I would really hope that you could achieve an 8 or higher in the exam.

I want to take one final opportunity to say thank you for taking this IELTS journey with me. I know that the IELTS exam is difficult, but I hope that I made it as painless for you as possible. If you hated me at times, I understand. And, if it makes you feel better, I am still picking up pieces from the party popper at the beginning of the video!

Take care and GOOD LUCK in the exam. I know that you will do well, but please send me your results ( and any feedback (positive or negative). Oh, and one last thing - DO THE PRACTICE ACTIVITIES!!!!