My IELTS Classroom | Guided Practice - IELTS Cause, Problem, Solution Essay

Guided Practice: IELTS Cause/Problem/Solution Essay

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Yes, isn't time flying, it's another practice video!

In this video, we will plan and write our essay together, and then use my unique Problem/Solution checklist to make sure we have integrated all of our new essay writing skills into our essay. Plus, don't forget that we can still use all the old skills that we learned earlier in the course, like using transition signals, hedging, or extending our paragraphs. Those skills aren't limited to one type of essay!

Of course, the practice videos give you one opportunity to put into effect everything we have learned, but remember that there are at least two more essay questions in the practice activities, and each has a model answer written by me. The model essays are a great chance for you to read examples of Band 9 responses, and to pick up useful vocabulary. I purposefully made sure the essays cover a range of the most common IELTS topics, so it is very likely that you will have a similar question in the exam. The model essays are a valuable resource- use them!