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Guided Practice: Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

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Friends. We are coming to the end of our writing course, so the time has finally come for me to unveil my Ultimate Checklist (said in dramatic voice!)

Yes, here it is. My 14-point checklist to ensure you achieve a 7.0 or higher in the exam. And, guess what? The great news is that you already know how to satisfy all of the points on the list. That's right! It feels like only yesterday that we started this essay writing journey together, but you've already achieved all the skills necessary to gain a high IELTS score.

Of course, we still have two more types of IELTS essay to learn together, but even now, I am confident that you could answer any question without my help.

So, get your pencils ready to write an advantages/disadvantages essay and, then, move to the practice activities, download the checklist, and practice some more. I am sure by now you are feeling a little bit tired, but the more you prepare, the more confident you will feel on exam day! Go you!

Connected Grammar: Articles, Relative Clauses, Passive Voice