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Guided Practice: Informal Letters

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Right people. This is the 10th video of the course. Surely it is time that we actually sat down and wrote an entire letter together (of course, these won't be the first letters you have written because there have been plenty in the practice activities!). And, to start with, we are going to look at informal letters. In this video, we will:

  • remind ourselves of the importance of analysing the prompt
  • learn how to expand the bullets in the planning stage
  • write a complete letter
  • analyse my model answer together 
  • look at an Informal Letter Checklist

Only start this video if you are in a quiet place and have 20 minutes to sit and write your letter. There are only three Guided Practice videos in this course, and to get the most from them, it's extremely important that you complete EVERY stage of the lesson yourself. It's easy to watch me talk and write, but it's not so easy doing it yourself. DON'T WASTE THESE VIDEOS!

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