My IELTS Classroom | IELTS Formal Letter Practice

Guided Practice: Formal Letters

Ding, ding, ding- yes ladies and gentleman, that's the final bell. Our time with letters is coming to an end. The only thing left? Checking that our Formal Letter writing skills are up to scratch. And why wouldn't they be? You now know how to write every type of formal, informal and semi-formal letter there is. So, in this video, it's all about polishing our skills. We will

  • check we know which types of complex sentences can be included in which letters
  • plan and write a complete formal letter together
  • use a 12 point checklist to make sure our letter satisfies all of the band descriptors
  • check that we understand the importance of tone in a letter

And then, after doing the practice activities, you will be released back into a digital world that is free of letters. If this is your final My IELTS Classroom lesson, I wish you the best of luck in the exam. But, you don't really need luck. If you have watched all of the videos and done the practice activities, you are 100% prepared for the exam. If you stay calm and put into practice everything we have learned here, you will SMASH IT!!!!

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