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IELTS Discuss Both Sides Essays: Organisation

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Let's start the main part of our course by looking at one of the IELTS exam's favourite type of questions: "Discuss Both Sides and Give your own Opinion".

In this video, we will learn:

  • the three steps to brainstorming "good" ideas (because in my classes I see a lot of "bad" ideas) 
  • how to organise our ideas into paragraphs (including in which order we should write our paragraphs and where we should put our opinion).
  • what the IELTS exam means by 'position" and why it is so important to have one

If you are an Advanced student, please do NOT skip this lesson. Many, many students make mistakes because they organise their essays badly. Remember, 50% of your IELTS writing score will be given for organisation and it would be a real shame to loose points for something that is so easy to do.