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Classic IELTS Advantages and Disadvantages Essays

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So, I have to be honest, there is no real reason why I hate this type of essay so much. I mean, standard advantages and disadvantages essays are actually pretty easy to write. I just think they are SO boring. It's like you go to the IELTS ice-cream shop, and they give you vanilla. But, maybe you like vanilla, who I am to judge?

In this lesson, we will learn 

  • useful synonyms for the words "advantages" and "disadvantages"
  • how to avoid writing a terrible introduction and conclusion (which is what I see all the time when I mark essays)
  • how to organise your essay
  • how to stay awake when you are doing something you think is boring (actually, that is just me!)

By the way, these essays are called "Classic" advantages and disadvantages essays because there is actually more than one type of this essay - we will study the rest in the coming videos. Hmm, maybe they aren't so boring after all!

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